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GUN EZE Triple Foaming CLP 3.5oz

GUN EZE Triple Foaming CLP 3.5oz


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GO GUN-EZE! The best CLP available on the market.

GUN-EZE is an advanced foaming CLP formula developed for use by military and police personnel. Whether you are shooting a standard issued service weapon or a high end competition firearm, GUN-EZE Triple Foaming Action lifts dirt out of small cracks and cleans deeper! It is the first unique CLP product released in years. When shooting a weapon, the explosive pressure creates small cracks in the surface of your weapon. These cracks can collect dirt and, overtime, the dirt can expand and cause weapon failure. GUN-EZE advanced foaming action lifts dirt from the small cracks and replaces it with a specially formulated layer of lubricating oil, keeping dirt and harmful oils out.

For Use On:


Safe for all classic weapons

Why Gun-Eze?

  • Advanced Foaming Formula—Biodegradable
  • Military Grade
  • Non Oily, Easy to Use
  • Aerosolized Delivery
  • Safe, No TCEs, No bPBs
  • Developed by Shooters for Shooters
  • Manufactured by a United States Military
  • Supplier at a DoD Certified Factory




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