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We Take Weapon Maintenance Seriously!

What’s something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

Proudly Made in the USA

Our factory is in West Berlin, New Jersey

GunEze Saves Time, Money, and Increases Weapon Safety!

We stand behind out products with a one year guarantee!


Best CLP I've Used

"As a lifelong gun owner,
GUN EZE is the bet gun cle"

Joe Chico - Chico Electri
As a lifelong gun owner, GUN EZE is the best gun cleaner and lube I’ve ever used. Unlike products I’ve tried in the past, GUNEZE works extremely well and even smells great!

Absolutely Fantastic!

"Absolutely fantastic
product!!! You can tell the"

Cliff Lippincott
Absolutely fantastic product!!! You can tell the guys over at GunEze really did their homework and knocked it out of the park!! Simple one step CLP that I recommend to all my shooting friends.

Smells Good - Works Great

"I've been shooting over 20
years, in the Army and co"

Tom Hererra
I've been shooting over 20 years, in the Army and competition. Cleaning guns is 2nd nature for me. I didn't think any product would change how I do it. GunEze saves me 1/3 of the time I used to.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Gun Eze, we are emphatic about your weapon performing the best that it can. Don’t accept inferior products – ours is tested by the best shooters, armorers, and chemists. This is a science, a passion, and our life work! We are a Department of Defense certified manufacturer. We served and employ veterans and rely on their expertise to ensure our CLP is the best! For Best Performance:

GunEze is made in a Department of Defense certified factory in West Berlin, New Jersey.  We hire Americans to work in our factory, many of whom are veterans of the US Armed Forces.  Our factory has been producing chemical weapons for the military for over 30 years.  

As shooters, we love to shoot.  But we didn’t love cleaning our guns because of the mess, time investment, and smell.  So we decided to do something about it.  We spent years developing a formula that doesn’t make a mess, smells decent, and works better than any other CLP out there, saving time.  We have amazing reviews from our customers!   We are so confident in our CLP, we offer a one year guarantee.  

First, we started with the best materials we could find.  While most CLPs are not much more than WD40, we looked to science and experts.  We found high quality ways to push away carbon, dirt, and grease while not damaging weapons.  We decided that the best way to control the mess was through a thicker formula that foams to get into tough to reach places.  Lastly, we use essential oils to naturally clean and protect, while also keeping the smell pleasant.  It was a lot of work, but we are proud of our success.

We offer the best guarantee in the business.  Our one year promise is that your guns will be better after a year of using GunEze.  While most companies don’t guarantee their products at all, we know that 30 or 60 days isn’t enough to judge performance.  Any customer who is not satisfied invited to contact us for a full refund.   We take your weapons seriously.

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